Reiki/seichem teaching and angelic reiki healing

The Benefits of Reiki

Helps you feel more at peace ,love and joy with yourself and life.

Transforms health.

Transforms relationships.

Transforms confidence.

Reduces/dissolves stress and anxiety.

Helps you feel energised and more alive NOW!


 The founder of Reiki was a Japanese Buddhist monk called Dr Mikao USUI. He was inspired by his students at the university he was teaching at to find out the healing techniques of Jesus and the Buddha. He went on a quest which took him to India and Nepal , he learn't sanscrit and decoded the ancient texts but it wasnt till he followed his inner guidance and went on a 21 day retreat on Mount Kurama  in Japan that on the last day he recieved into his third eye golden symbols which he was instructed to use in his healing work.This is how reiki was born.

Reiki is a healing art for mind , body and emotions . The word Reiki means "Universal life-force energy". Human beings  are essentially energy (we are literally star children as we are made from the matter from stars) and we are ONE with the energy all around us. Reiki is a holistic approach to life meaning everything is interconnected.The healer channels spiritual light energy.


Reiki has various lineages. This lineage combines reiki with the angelic , fire and water elements as well as the earth element. It was developed by Kathleen Milner from the U.S.A. I initially trained in the Usui lineage to second degree level then retrained. This lineage gives you other symbols as well as initiations to the violet flame and  Egyptian YOD and the order of Melchizedek.

These are very powerful attunements and connect you directly to the ascended master beings of light.They can, but not always, bring about a healing crisis or ascensions symptoms which is quite natural and shows how profound this work is and that the energy is real. For us to have breakthroughs we often have to have breakdowns of old patterns of thinking and acting as well as a release of stuck blocked energy which is denser and more fear based than the new higher vibrational light energy.

As a spiritual teacher and initiate i am well aware and have experienced this many times ,it usually passes within 24hours and leaves you feeling open ,fresh, full of energy and new possibilities for your life .As well as releasing heavier more fear based energies which over time will develop diseases in the body . 

What is Angelic Reiki  ?

This reiki lineage comes direct from the Chohans of the 2nd Ray of LOVE/WISDOM .

 My direct guide is Ascended Master Kuthumi who came to me in a meditation 2 months ago in a flash of green and gold light! after reading a book called "opening to channel". It is no -coincidence that since being guided intuitively to read this book that the gift of Angelic Reiki has come to me . 

With this healing work i channel the angelic kingdom direct through my hands and consciousness , particularly my third eye. 


Firstly reiki can be recieved as a therapy. The recipient relaxes fully clothed on a therapy couch or in a chair and is guided into a state of deep relaxation. I work around the body with my hands , the reiki energy is channelled through my hands and conciousness to the recipient. The benefits are a deep release of stress and blocked emotion, a feeling of being re-energised  and a general feeling of well-being. This will benefit a whole host of ailments from stress and anxiety to back pain and iritable-bowel.

Secondly reiki is a path of personal growth and transformation. If you decide to learn Reiki there are four stages :

First Degree : This stage is primarily about your growth; you learn about the history of reiki, you recieve an attunement to the violet flame energies ( a form of meditation where you open to the higher vibrational energies of the master teacher Saint Germain and symbols are drawn into your chakras) and also the first degree attunement. Each attunement has the effect of initiating a period of physical and emotional release and growth over 21 days. You learn about the Five Reiki principle's and to meditate and more !

Second Degree : At this stage you go deeper! You recieve the YOD attunement which connects you to the Egyptian Cartouche and also the second degree attunement this initiates a 21 day period of clearing.We go deeper still with the principle's and learn several powerful healing symbols. We look at being a reiki practioner and working with clients.

Master Attunement:  Here you recieve the master attunement.This again initiates a period of 21 days of clearing. We go deeper with your own spiritual growth.(For those practitioners who don't want to teach .)

Master/Teacher Degree : Here you recieve the master attunement . We go deeper still and I coach you through being a reiki teacher  over several months, you will prepare your own teaching manual and learn to teach individually and in groups after this you have the awareness and ability to create your own teaching practice!




 £ 20 for 30mins

 £ 50 per hour (I recommend at least three sessions).

Reiki First Degree: £ 400

Reiki Second Degree: £ 400

Reiki Master Attunement: £300

Master/Teacher: £ Negotiable

 (you can pay in installments...discounts available too)

NEXT 1ST DEGREE COURSE   :    On going courses :ring for dates.

NEXT 2nd DEGREE COURSE  :     On going courses   :ring for info.



Sue:   " I have never felts so much love relaxed so at peace..WOW!".

Gwen : "The energy you channel is amazing........i always feel so good afterwards ,my IBS always clears up."

Elaine:" The first degree has helped free me from some deep emotional pain".

Brigitte: " i love using the symbols at the second degree level".

Helen : "Learning to be a master /teacher has had transformative effects on my whole life."